September Setup 2019 | Science
My inner Geekiness totally came out this month. Did you know that I used to have most of the periodic table of elements memorized in high school? Yeah – I was that nerd. This is also the first time I used green as my theme color. Strange I know. I guess I’m still experiencing firsts even after almost 2 years of colorful bullet journaling.
Back to a more “traditional” calendar layout. See? I knew it would be back. But I did incorporate a part of the personal/Amazing Andrea part in the color of the marker. That way I can highlight my to do task with each color. 
Another multi use tracker. The color of the liquid in each beaker will be the Mood and the amount of liquid will be the amount of productivity. I made this tiny stencil of the different beaker shapes. They couldn’t all be the same…
Habit tracker is back to it’s usual style as well. This time each day is a circle. I wasn’t going to write numbers in each one so I put the days of the week at the top.
I used some ripped pieces of black paper and my white pencil crayons to really get that “chalkboard” look. I think it turned out so real! I tried to use the real elements to spell Polaroids – but had to improvise just a little.
First week of September, also usually the first week of school. So my science theme fit in really well. I was super proud of my molecular structure for the sleep tracker. Also the water tracker. Yes – Nerd. A giant one.
For the second week I cut squares of black paper that will be the chalkboard for each day. I will use my white gel pen to write on these.

Third week was my plainest spread with only a tiny corner of the black paper.

This last week of September was my favorite spread. I really like the way the germs turned out.
This month inspired me so much that I had to paint my nails to match! I really like how the chalkboard ones turned out – I had to use a matte top coat to get that flat look.
For those of you heading back to school – good luck! I had a lot of fun creating this unique science theme. 

If you re-create any of my spreads tag me on Instagram for a shout-out in my next video. Love you all and keep creating!

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