All About Me!

Hello Friends! My name is Andrea

What do you do when you can’t settle on just ONE hobby? Simple. You do them all! I’ve always liked lots of artistic and creative things. Most times I couldn’t afford the things I wanted, the things that everyone else had, so I always told myself “I could make that.”

This was my world before DIY was all over the place and littered our internet with many wonderful possibilities. (Yes I started creating/making things before the internet was in everyone’s home – when you had to go to Libraries to look things up.)

I have to say I probably got a lot of my artistic/creative talents and mindset from my parents. We made a lot of things because buying them was too expensive. Time was the only factor, and if you don’t mind putting your time into a project, in the end it’s all worthwhile. Not only do you feel good that YOU made something, but you also learned HOW to make something. And most likely learned valuable lessons and skills along the way.

In a world where everything is so disposable, being able to make something yourself that may be of a better quality than the cheap replaceables from the store, not only do you feel better but it makes the world feel better. I’ve always believed that reusable is better than disposable.

So stick around and I’ll show you how I make a lot of my Amazing Creations!

Want to see some of my childhood pictures?

Take a walk down Memory Lane with me!