October Setup 2019 | It
I know I told myself that I was going to cool it on the watercolors but I just didn’t see any other medium that was going to give me the same effect as I wanted for October’s theme. I chose to do “It” from Stephen King. I just recently saw the first movie and new this was the theme I wanted for October. I tried to use pieces and scenes from the movie that everyone will know if they’ve seen the movie.
For the calendar I have Georgie running along the bottom with his boat. I made the boxes look like they were taped to the page, like the missing posters.
The Polaroid Memories page has Pennywise hiding in the sewer. I made the letters float by.

For the Brain Dump I added that creepy lady at the bottom that once was in the painting.

Once again the mood tracker is one of my favorite spreads. I used the scene where the kids are at the haunted house and Pennywise is outside with his “wall” of balloons.
I really wanted to include the haunted house so I added it to my Habit Tracker page. I was worried this was going to be way too much paint but it actually worked out really well.  Thin layers is the key.
The first week of October I used balloons as my day markers. I also wanted to include the mailbox with the balloon somewhere as well. I’m not that good at drawing/painting people. I should practice more.
I added a dutch door to the second week and even added a quote in some fancy lettering. Trying to expand my lettering styles.
I left week 3 to be open ended. That way I can add all the tasks I need. I like this way especially when using my bullet journal as kind of a diary. I can write down each days thoughts.
I also did the same for week 4. I may use this way more often since I’m not confined to keep within my usual pre-made layouts.
I layed out a few permanent fixtures for the last week of October but still left the daily “diary” part open. I also added a quote at the bottom that says “the best time for new beginnings is now”.
I also had “It” themed inspired nails.
I guess this was the second movie I re-created into a theme this year. What other themes would be good for October/Halloween?

If you re-create any of my spreads tag me on Instagram for a shout-out in my next video. Love you all and keep creating!

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