Monopoly Nail Design

Do not pass go. Do not collect $200!

Materials & Supplies

– Sally Hanson nail polish – Mint
– Acrylic paints in vaious colours needed – you can mix these to get the right colors (or you can just use nail polish)
– Permanent black felt marker for outlining (also can use nail polish with a really skinny tipped brush)
– Clear top coat – Seche Vite – Dry Fast


Who doesn’t love Monopoly? I’m going to show you how to transform your nails to look like the Monopoly game board.
First start by painting your nails the mint green color. Give it 2 coats if it’s too thin. Now this step is SUPER important. Make sure this nail polish is dry before you continue on with the acrylic paint step. That way if you make a mistake you can wipe it off easier. I love using acrylic paint because it’s easy to mix to any color and dries really fast.
Start painting the different stripes with the different colors of acrylic paint. I picked six different squares from the board and used those colors. I painted about a third of the top of the nail. 
I could have painted my train with the black acrylic paint but I decided to use my felt marker instead.
I painted the car for the free parking and after that paint is dry it’s time to add the white for the window and the tires.

I outlined my go to jail guy first. I filled him in with the acrylic paint in the blue and the white. After your acrylic paint is dry I outlined him again to get super clean lines.
Then give outlines to all the solid stripes.
Don’t forget to fill in all your names and the prices on the bottom. I used my smallest point pen for these.
I colored in my light bulb using my thin felt first, and then the rest of it I used the thicker one.
If you chose to use acrylic paint don’t forget a top coat otherwise it will rub and peel off.
Give it a try yourself. You’ll want to rummage through your old games to start playing Monopoly again.
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