May Setup 2019 | Mermaids
I couldn’t resist using watercolor again. But this time I grew brave and used it directly in my book. As long as I didn’t add too much water at one time it went really well. The key is to layer.
But first let’s talk about the stickers. Yes I created more homemade stickers with my Cricut. I tried to layer them together so they looked fancier. But the black sticker paper didn’t really like being on top of the glittery teal sticker paper. But I still tried and I love the way these turned out. They also took forever to seperate. So this is not a fast project to make your own stickers. Not with the cheaper dollar store sticker paper anyways.
I tried to make enough to last me 4 weeks. I had some extras because as I took the words out of one they also became the negative. So double!
My Calendar page was all seperate boxes. I used my metalic teal gel pen for the words and added just a few watercolor accents. I wasn’t going to try and paint a realistic mermaid so I just did the tail peaking in from the side.
I added a new page called post-it central. I write myself lots of notes. Now I have somewhere to stick them! Also LOVE how the mood tracker turned out. That took a lot of planning and digital work. 
I had to write super small to label all the days and moods inside the lines of the mermaids tail.

And as usual a more minimal Polaroid Memories and Brain Dump pages.

My very first true Dutch Door spread. It was a bit nerve-racking cutting part of the book up. But I really like how it turned out. Worked out good because this was a very busy week for me.
The next week is just a regular spread again. I did add my new water tracker stickers. I’m loving using all these cool stickers that I created. Makes it just a little bit more personalized.
Added another Dutch Door but much smaller this time. I actually really like the functionality of this particular spread. These pages worked together quite nicely.
This weekly spread was probably my least favorite out of the four. I think it was the blocky days of the week. I even extended the line for the meal tracking but it still feel like it doesn’t look right.
A more simplistic spread. I used the water tracker stickers. These were actually really fun to color in with the metalic gel pen. So shiny!
I loved being able to use watercolor directly in my book. Of course you should test out a small part first before committing in case your book handles paint differently. I think mine was okay because of the coating on the pages. They seem to be less absorbant.

If you re-create any of my spreads tag me on Instagram for a shout-out in my next video. Love you all and keep creating!

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