March Setup 2020 | Izzi
I based this month’s theme from a REALLY old card game I still have. It’s this tile game where you have to match each side with the corresponding colors. The goal is to make one giant square. I loved this game so much when I was younger. I don’t know if it even still exists today.
These shapes just fit in so perfectly. While most of the time I created my own designs on my squares I actually noticed that a lot of the are actual designs on the cards. The only problem I was having was trying to keep an even amount of shapes per square. Because when you go to color them in it won’t work if there are an odd number – does that make sense?
I was surprised that almost all of my “moods” existed as real tiles, except for the angry/frustrated face. But with each day’s mood I will try to build myself one continuous linked line.
My Habit Tracker is filled with tiny calendars again. I think this is my favorite style. If only it didn’t take so long to write all the numbers in the boxes.
Next I have my sleep and water tracker as well as my weather tracker. This looks pretty identical to last month’s trackers.

Then the next one is my Meal Tracker. I actually really like having the meals on one page instead of the weekly boxes I used to use. But I do miss the creative water trackers I used to do.

I love how the Polaroid Memories and Brain Dump pages turned out. I really used the tiles to play the games on the pages.
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