June Setup 2019 | Minimalistic
I needed to set this month up fast and this minimalistic design was just that. The only fancy design element was in the borders. Which were just lines. So this was probably one of my fastest setups by far.
I did pencil in all my lines to make my life as easy as possible.
I even made a page to show how easy it was to draw these borders.
I made my Calendar Page only one sided this time. I added a second side for Personal and Amazing Andrea tasks. This actually worked out better than I expected. 
I switched up my habits to be faster and easier to fill in. I have my usual habits, the weather for am and pm, as well as my mood and productivity. I added a legend down the side for easy reference.
My Brain Dump page went next to that and then I devoted a whole page to Polaroid Memories. Since I was going to visit my family I also added a double page for just my trip.
I love the clean look of this page. Tried to make my meal tracker look a little more different than my usual one box. And my water tracker looks like my stickers that I made for May.
My second weekly was a dutch door setup. I knew that this week was going to be busy and I needed that extra space to write more stuff. I also added a quote that says “there is beauty in simplicity”.
These next 2 weeks are still simplistic and I actually really loved this theme. It kind of reminds me of Art Deco.

I added a small sections for Health and Wellness. I decided to include it in here even though I made a separate video on it and how to use it.

I added a picture of the body so you could label a body part with a number and then fill it into the graph. I will also link that video below if you’d like a more in-depth explanation on how to use this.
Just an update for my trip. I enjoyed my family visit very much. It was much needed time off.

I havn’t seen my sister’s kids since the oldest was just a baby. They are quite fans of board games. Her eldest was even trying to teach me how to play chess.

And since my trip fell on my sister’s birthday I crafted with the boys to make her some homemade pots for flowers. She loved them. We even had to use old Christmas wrapping paper because we couldn’t find anything else.

I love that this theme was so fast to setup. I’ll definately be utilizing a more minimalistic theme for months I know I’ll be busy.

If you re-create any of my spreads tag me on Instagram for a shout-out in my next video. Love you all and keep creating!

Here are both the June Setup and the Health & Wellness Tracker videos.
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