July Setup 2019 | Feathers
Another watercolor setup! I’m so glad that I can use watercolors in this book. And this month turned out so good with the the blended watercolor feathers.

I kept my colors to this redish pink, blue, and black – for the splatters.

I used another small calendar this month. Quite liked it last month and repeated these pages the same kind of way.
For the Mood Tracker I combined mood and productivity in one. And for my Habit Tracker I will use little icons to fill in all the days.
Polaroid Memories and Brain Dump. Simple yet effective. As always.
First weekly setup of July I went with all even boxes. I’m still practicing my calligraphy and I think I’m improving. 
For the second week I went with the tall boxes again and used feathers at the top for the days of the week.

I added a little tiny quote that says “make today count”.

Week three and still going strong with the watercolor. Normally I’d start to hate having to wait for paint to dry to be able to continue onto the next. But I think this month I seemed to have an abundance of patience.
For the last week of July I kept the boxes to being separated by a solid black line and colored circles inside. The sleep and water trackers remind me of graph paper.
I added a fun little page showing me and all my hobbies. The quote says “She believed she could so she did all the crafty things”.
I also added a how to draw feathers pages. They are actually really easy – don’t need any talent at all!
I’m so in love with watercolor right now. It’s gonna be hard to stop this momentum and not use it each and every month.

If you re-create any of my spreads tag me on Instagram for a shout-out in my next video. Love you all and keep creating!

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