January Setup 2020 | Art Deco
I think this might be my favorite theme of all time. And perfectly suited for this year. I figured it would be the perfect theme since it’s 2020 and this theme was popular in the 1920s. (So I thought anyway) Appears I wasn’t the only one with this idea. But that will give you another version of this wonderful theme.
The calendar page turned out great with just a few strips of washi at the top. I used my gold gel pen to add some of the scalloped edge on the right side. It was hard to choose only a few of the Art Deco designs. Trust me, search Art Deco on pinterest and you’ll understand what I mean.
I havn’t had a “one good thing” or a gratatude log in over two years now. I used to do them all the time in 2017. I had one at the beginning of every month. Then in 2018 when I started filming my bullet journal setups I seamed to have forgotten to add them in. But this month I’m putting one back! These are also fun to go back over and read.
I did my monthly tasks on one page again. I tried this at the end of last year but didn’t really like it all that much. Going to give it one more shot this month before I decided if it stays or goes and I go back to weekly task tracking.

I also switched my legend (key) to the more traditional bullet journal legend. Good thing is I can take this and move it around in my book.

These 2 are my Mood, Habit & Productivity Trackers and then the next page is my Sleep and Water Tracker. Keeping them simple this month since I feel behind and wanted something faster to fill in. I used sharpie to write on the gold washi. It works like a charm.
Next I added my Weather Tracker. I skipped a few months last year on the weather tracker and when I was flipping back I was sad that I didn’t continue it throughout the whole year. Not gonna mess that up this year. Then after that I have my meal tracker.
Polaroid Memories and Brain Dump are very simple again with just a little golden border along the bottom.
The first weekly I left open so I can fill it in as needed. I did this last year quite a bit too. But I do like the look of the pre-made weeklies.
This next week I went pre-made. Ah, it’s so beautiful. I cut out a few squares from my white paper and double-sided taped them to the black pages. The gold looks so good on the black paper.
I ended up adding a quote in that 8th box. Didn’t know what else to put in there. It says “there’s always somthing to celebrate”.
Week 3 was not my favorite weekly. I tried to use these triangle headers but I just don’t know. I did add another quote which I think made it better.
I ended up adding a quote in that 8th box. Didn’t know what else to put in there. It says “there’s always somthing to celebrate”.
This weekly was my all-time favorite. It did take me quite a while to finish it. Here are the progression pictures of how I made this super cool background design.
Yup, definately time consuming. But I love it!

The last week was back to white paper and I gave each day a fancy border. My quote says “enjoy the little things”.

I really enjoyed creating this monthly setup. It wasn’t fast but it was sure pretty. Seams like everyone else is using this shimmery watercolor to go over their metalic accents. I have some PearlEx powder – I may try and see if I could turn that into a watercolor of some sort.

If you re-create any of my spreads tag me on Instagram for a shout-out in my next video. Love you all and keep creating!

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