January Setup 2019 | Space
I loved the Black and White setup so much last month it inspired me to create this space theme. I’m not a stranger to loving the stars (especially glow in the dark ones) and I really took my time outlining them in this months theme. Yes, I could have just used my white gelly roll pen to dot all the stars but most of them where planned out for works. So yes I made my work much harder this way. But I still love how it turned out.
I love that my calendar “floats” over my moon. I wrote the Month as if it were constellations in the sky. Also added a few more constellations on top. (And also my new logo) I even gave my calendar boxes a small grey drop shadow to make it look even more like it’s floating.
For my Mood Tracker I wanted to make my mood look like constellations. I think this page would have been better if I had colored the entire thing black and had the white dots as the constellations. If I redo a space or star theme that’s probably what I will do. I loved this tracker it was so different.
For my Habit Tracker I made planets that are the habits and a ring around each one that is divided into 31 sections for the 31 days. I love that each “planet” looks different with the swirls.
I love looking back on the Polaroids Memory page. It’s one of my all-time favorite spreads to look back on. I outlined the shapes of the Instax mini polaroid sizes. I usually make and print these myself since I don’t have an instant camera. I will definately be wanting one in the near future. Then next to that page is my Brain dump page for all my January ideas.
I’m hoping by incorporating an exercise tracker I will be more likely to use it. That’s the theory anyway. We’ll see how that turns out. The last picture is of my thought process when I design my spreads. I usually don’t go into that much detail but I was really excited for this one. I usually do a quick sketch of every month and the colors so filming goes faster and I’m not sitting there wondering what colors I want to use.
For my first weekly spread I went with taller boxes. I usually don’t like the tall layouts but this one turned out really good. I added the moon behind my meal tracker and wrote the dates as constellations again.
For week 2 I went back to my tradition box shapes. I had planets at the top for the dates and added moons for my water tracker. I will put a moon crater for each cup of water.
This page for week 3 turned out better than I could have hoped for. I have an astronaut with the moon reflection in his helmet. I also have all my days on one page in these really long skinny boxes.
Week 4 is pretty much exactly the same layout as week 2 exept instead of craters for the water tracker they are going to be footprints inside the craters. So kinda like zooming in.
Week 5 I added a sun at the top and the planets down the center. Those planets will get their bands filled with color for the water.
I made my sleep tracker as circles with the tiny rocket going from circle to circle.
That’s it for January’s setup. Would you ever consider a space theme? Would you use color?
If you re-create any of my spreads tag me on Instagram for a shout-out in my next video. Love you all and keep creating!
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