February Setup 2020 | Geisha
A true watercolor month! I’m so excited that I can cut my own watercolor paper for my journal. Now I don’t have to worry about my paper at all! So this month I decided to do a Geisha/Cherry Blossom theme. I really liked the look of the navy, gold and pink together. AND I found my PearlEx and turned them into watercolors! So excited that I didn’t have to buy that watercolor gold everyone is using right now. I made due with what I had.
This is me making my metalic shimmery watercolors. You have to mix this Gum Arabic stuff with the PearlEx powder, or else it won’t stick to the paper. But now I have 24 new homemade shiny metalic watercolors.

I wanted my titles to have this misty kind of look to them. More concentrated in the center and fading out. I did use my masking fluid to cover my words.

Since this paper doesn’t have the dots I made myself a few stencil templates on my cricut to use to get the squares. 
Always my pride and joy – the Mood Tracker. I say this every month. The mood tracker is usually decided and the rest of the month is made to match.
I think I actually saw this idea on Pinterest a while back and it’s just stayed in my brain. So this fan has different sections that will be my mood. I added the legen to the bottom.
My Habit Tracker is the regular tiny calendars. I did find it a little harder to write on this paper since it’s a bit textured.

Next is my sleep, water and weather trackers.

I have my Meal Tracker on the next page. I did make a mistake with the extra box at the bottom, so I just added a “favorite food”. I’ll write what my favorite meal this month was.
Polaroid Memories and Brain Dump pages are sporting a few shimmery items.
First weekly is almost an open style. The page is still seperated into quarters just without the lines.
I love the versatility of this new Bullet Journal. Just being able to cut my own paper to put in my book is pretty amazing! I can totally see myself doing a scrapbook theme with real scrapbooking paper.

If you re-create any of my spreads tag me on Instagram for a shout-out in my next video. Love you all and keep creating!

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