February Setup 2019 | Donuts
I know it’s super easy and tempting to just go with the trend of “love” and “hearts” for February. I did keep the pink theme which usually represents valentines day (as well as red) but decided to go a different route. I wanted donuts. I love donuts so this seemed fitting while still being different.
I really, really, REALLY wanted to use stamps this month. I have so many and would love to use them. So I figured today is that day. Little did I know that they bled right through to the other side. A little dissapointing I must say. I guess the pages in my Journal are rather thin. The ghosting is really noticable, especially with markers. but stamping. Man, that ruined my mood. I had to do a bunch of Photoshopping to get the picture looking like they should have been in the first place. Oh well, you live and learn right. So learn from me!
The calendar page. I used the stamps for the days of the week and then after I flipped the page discovered my problem. To fix this all I did was lightly stamp on scrap paper first then into my book. Wasn’t as dark but I could have easily went over it with my fineliner.
My Mood Tracker will be donuts! I will add the icing on top to match that days mood. I randomly colored the bottom parts of the donut but I could have easily assigned them a productivity color or something.

The next one is my Box of Donuts Habit Tracker. I will put a donut in each corresponding box. Maybe even color them in!

These pages always feel so simple to me. Sometimes I find it really hard to decorate them because one spread will get covered in photos and the other with ideas. So yes I usually try and leave these a bit more on the empty side.
Week 6.
I love that the days themselves are donuts. I just didn’t add the holes. It would make writing in them a bit more difficult.
Week 7 I used the tall layout again. Really digging this style actually.

Then onto week 8 with a horizontal layout.

I really enjoy the freedom to be able to switch it up every week.

Week 9 I went against my better judgement and drew 7 large donuts….with holes. Yes I know I said that the holes would get in the way but I thought I would just write around the holes. I’m actually glad that I went with this design because this turned out to be my favorite spread from February.
Here’s a look at what the trackers look like filled in. I think I need to add these after they are completed to every months setup.
That’s all for the donut theme for this February. Do you use alternative themes for your February setups? Or are you a more traditionalist?

If you re-create any of my spreads tag me on Instagram for a shout-out in my next video. Love you all and keep creating!

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