DIY Painted Cactus Rocks

Want a plant that won’t die? Then cactus rocks just might be for you!

Materials & Supplies

– 3 Paintbrush Sizes
– Acrylic Paint: 3 shades of green, 3 shades of pink, yellow & white
– Mod Podge Matte (or a sealer of your choice)
– Flower Pot
– Sand
– Various Shapes and Sizes of Rocks
– Hot Glue Gun


First gather all your supplies. I’d recommend laying down some scrap paper for the painting process. Trust me – it gets a tad bit messy.

After you choose which rocks are “cactus” worthy you want to paint them. I opted for an olive green, a hunter green and a lighter green for the base colors. Some paints will need a second (or fourth) coat of paint. Then flip them over and paint the other side.
Paint the smaller rocks that will be the “flowers” pink. (Mine took 4 coats)

Time for the Details

The pink rocks get small lines around the outside alternating with the medium and lighest pinks. Then add yellow dots to the centers.

The olive green rocks get tiny white dots. Lots and lots and LOTS of dots! I recommend painting one side at a time.

The hunter green rocks get vertical light green stripes. Mine needed 2 coats for sure.
Then add small “x”s along the stripes to create the “spikes”

The light green rocks first get hunter green stripes. Then add yellow stripes between the hunter green stripes. After that add small white dots along both sets of stripes.

Yay you’re almost done! Now it’s time to start connecting the pieces together with a bit of hot glue. You can arrange the smaller rocks any way you like – you can even double them up!

Lastly you’ll want to make sure to add a clear sealer over all your hard work. Then flip and do the other side. (I used 2 coats per side) Mod Podge gives them this nice shine!

Now it’s time to display them. Add some sand to your flower pot and rearrange them anyway you like. The more you have the better it looks!

And that’s it! Easy as that. Anyone can created a cactus from some rocks and a bit of paint.
If you recreate these be sure to tag me on social media so I can see your cool looking cacti!
And don’t forget to take some Goofy Selfies with your new plant.

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