December Setup 2018 | Christmas
December does not dissapoint with my snowman theme. I’m using pieces of craft paper and my typewriter clickable stamps to give it this vintage feel. I also found out I can make stickers out of my holographic washi tape! And I also had to have the nails to match.
You can really see the color of my ivory paper in my bullet journal once I add a pure white piece of paper. I usually Photoshop the yellow tint out a bit because I don’t actually like the color. I know some people do but I like the white better. I have plans for changing up my book for next year anyway.
I combined all my trackers nice and neatly together again. Also I really love this holographic washi tape. I cut down so it was a little skinnier for the divider lines. I actually cut myself a whole bunch of this and rolled it around a leftover till tape roller. See? I know how to reuse and recycle.
Meal tracker all on one page again. Next to that is my Brain Dump and I’m giving the Polaroid Memories page a 2 page spread. You know – because Christmas.
This first layout was not my favorite. Even though it had tonnes of holographic goodness to it I feel like the stripes might have been a little thick. Maybe I would have liked it better if I had just outlined the days instead. Oh well, you can’t love them all. But at least you learn what you like and what you don’t like.
For my second week I discovered that you can write on the washi with a sharpie. Oh the possibilities now! I tried to stamp the washi but it wouldn’t stay, so I went over it with the sharpie. 
Week three was my second favorite spread. I love that holographic washi. Now I want to use it every month! Super hard to photograph it’s true colors though.
This layout was my favorite out of the four. It might have been all the cute snowmen.
I can’t believe another year has come and gone. How fast time flies sometimes. I heard time goes faster the older you get.

If you re-create any of my spreads tag me on Instagram for a shout-out in my next video. Love you all and keep creating!

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