August Setup 2019 | Ice Cream
I scream. You scream. We all scream for Ice Cream! Atleast I do for my Birthday month! No better way to celebrate it than with lots of delicious flavors of ice cream. And yes, this month is another watercolor month. But this time I painted them, scanned them, then turned them into stickers. That was a hassle all on it’s own I must say. Buy the right paper that is compatible with YOUR printer – my tip for you!
Been rocking this calendar for three months now. I’ll probably be switching it up soon. Even though this is very practical I do miss the whole page layouts.
My pride and joy this month (when isn’t it?) is my Mood Tracker. I made an ice cream cart sticker with flavors for the moods. Then the cone shape will be my productivity. I love trying to combine these two things together. 
My Habit Tracker will be the same as last month – where I will use icons for each one completed that day. So the more icons the better I did!
And yet again another simple Polaroid Memories and Brain Dump pages. I feel like I say this all the time. Am I getting repetative yet?
My first weekly spread has the ice cream truck banner as the day headers. I love this. These stickers sure make it easy to setup a month (once they’re printed and cut that is). For my water tracker I drew soft serve ice cream cones and will fill in the “swirl” lines for each cup.
Stickers make life so much easier. You should really try it out. I made random brush stroke ones that worked great for the day’s backgrounds. I just wish I could have gotten more clear sticker paper.
For this week I had to write the days with my mildliner felt. I was actually starting to run out of the day stickers. My water tracker will be counted by how many chocolate chips are on the ice cream cones.
I used up the rest of my banner stickers. But I still had lots of the ice cream cones and toppers from my mood tracker so I added them for this cute little “I love ice cream” picture.
Had to use my pink felt since I ran out of the fun daily stickers. Had just enough ice cream stickers left to add a few more to this page.

My Mood and Productivity trackers filled in. I loved this idea of the mix and match. I have a ton of ice cream piece stickers left though. I guess I could go back and add more to pages that are emptier. Or just save them for another time. Yeah – that’s the hoarder in me talking.

Also added a “how to draw” ice cream and popsicles. These never made it into my book. But they were so much fun to paint!
I love watercolors (in case you haven’t noticed these last few months) but I also wanted to experiment with my own printed stickers. It’s definately a way to truley customize your bullet journal with your very own art!

If you re-create any of my spreads tag me on Instagram for a shout-out in my next video. Love you all and keep creating!

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