April Setup 2019 | Gold Easter
I wanted to try something different this month. I did fall into the trap of using “Easter” related things for this month but I wanted to change it up a little by using my homemade stickers and pictures to collage into my book. I’ve seen quite a few collage type books on pinterest and I really liked the look it gave. More of a scrapbook type setting I guess. I used to scrapbook a lot way back in the day. Still have tons of supplies. but I ended up using my Cricut to cut out all the shapes and words. The gold sticker paper was a real pain in the butt to get seperated. But it looks so good! I regret nothing.
I also wanted to use watercolor this month. And since my book has thinner pages I thought it would be wiser to paint on watercolor paper then stick it into my book. The only downside to all these things taped into my book (including the stickers) are the uneven writing surfaces. Because each sticker and photo is not adding to the thickness of the page. I now understand how these other Journals can easily burst out of the seams. I added both stickers and collage pictures to my calendar page.
I cut out a bunch of egg shapes that will go in all the Habit Tracker boxes. I alternated the black and gold. Thought it would look better.
My Mood Tracker was painted on watercolor paper as well. I saw this picture on pinterest of these “pussy” willow branches with actual cats on them and fell in love. I knew this is what I wanted for my mood tracker. Then I will color in each cat with the matching mood color. 
I actually almost forgot to add my mini trackers. I took them out of the weeklies and added them to a small seperate page. And since I had a blank side I decided to add an about me page. I like it actually. Even my self portrait turned out okay.
The Polaroid Memories page is tiny polaroids of things that look like letters. I know probably about 10 years ago these were everywhere in the store. It was a really neat idea.

Next is my first weekly setup. I used a bunch of my stickers. They were so thin and flimsy. Super hard to place down straight. But I think it turned out alright.

I do really quite enjoy the overall look of the pages. Here are a few more close-ups of the stickers and my collage. I really liked the prints of the old school Easter cards. They look so vintage!
My second weekly had scraps of watercolor paper for the days of the week. I also used some of the leftover gold sticker paper to cut strips. I could have used gold washi but I didn’t have any.
Even though the black sticker paper was better than the gold I still had my fair share of troubles getting these seperated from their backgrounds. I also think they could have been a bit smaller, but that would have only added to my frustration of pulling them off the paper.
I almost feel like this page was too cramped together. That could just be because I normaly have borders around things with plenty of space in between. 
This was probably my favorite weekly spread of the month. Once again with the size of the days of the week. But that’s okay. I added a Faberge egg in the bottom corner. Atleast that’s what I turned it into. I used all my washi tapes to decorate the egg. This was actually really fun. It would be fun to decorate a whole month using only washi tape. 
It was interesting doing a month this way. I’ve never been one to use stickers in my Bullet Journal. But homemade stickers – that’s a whole different story. I will definately be making more of my own in the future for sure!
If you re-create any of my spreads tag me on Instagram for a shout-out in my next video. Love you all and keep creating!
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