Welcome to my Memory Lane

Come take a walk down memory lane with me.
I was trying to find some pictures of my old crafty self and came across and whole bunch of memories!

(And maybe a few embarrassing pictures…)

As most kids like to dress up, I was no different. Whether it be my mom’s winter boots, a floppy hat, or just being able to dress up for a school play, I’ve always enjoyed dressing up.

I guess I was always kind of goofy. I remember that making people laugh made me feel good. And if I had to be slightly crazy and weird to do so, it never really stopped me.

I was born in Germany and was really an Oma’s girl. I spent a lot of time with my Oma and I had a lot of fun.

I guess she may have been the person to teach me to ride my first tricycle. Or she just liked riding it herself. Can’t remember that far back.

Please tell me I was just picking the grass…..
This was my first rabbit in Germany.

Here are some of my birthdays in Germany. I believe my Oma was really fond of the circle cake.
I also think that reds and oranges were the color to have back then.

I was never really musically talented. But that sure didn’t stop me from pretending I was good.

I enjoyed Halloween so much I planned my costume months in advance. (I actually still do this.) We used to dress up in Germany for Fasnacht, which I guess I could say was Germany’s version of Halloween. Except you just had to stand at the side of the street and watch the carnival rides go by and catch the candy they would throw for the crowd.

When I was older I would help my mom cut shapes out of plywood and paint them to be Frankenstein, a pumpkin, or even gravestones. Our yard and house was always decorated.

Few more random ones from Germany. The first one was from Europa Park. Super awesome. Probably comparable to Disneyland – or so I’ve been told. I remember only bits and pieces of this. Specifically that water log ride thing that goes down super fast at the end. Yup – terrified.
The second is of me riding my first horse.

My dad was in the Army and when we had moved to Canada we moved pretty much every 2 years. I guess this makes me an army brat. It was really cool getting to see different towns and cities, but losing your friends was never fun.

With my birthday being at the end of summer, I felt like I got ripped off of birthday parties every other year. We would move to a new town and I wouldn’t have any friends until school started. Unless I invited kids from next door. Which there usually weren’t any around my age. This was my first Birthday Party in Canada.
We did live in a country setting and would only have like 4 houses around us. It was nice though to just go outside and run around. In one place we lived I remember there being a ditch between our property and a neighbors and the water would freeze in winter and my sister and I would ice skate down the long line of the ditch.

Arts and Crafts have always been a huge part of my life. Then I found this picture. Maybe this was the start of it all…..

I guess I made my first 3D diorama in elementary school. It had a cardboard house, trees and I even glued rocks down for the road.

I loved creating things so much that I made a cardboard car. Yup. I’m weird.
I also remember making a cardboard house from the refrigerator and stove boxes because they were so big. I even remember using old moving boxes and attaching bedrooms. Me and my sister would play in there for hours. I wish I had a picture of that. It would have been amazing. We even had windows with scraps of fabric for curtains. And when our parents would fix something up in the house and have leftovers we would scoop them up and use them in our cardboard house.

I even made my own Barbie clothes. Back when all my friends had Barbie houses, I usually made my own with boxes and using actual carpet scraps and fabric for bedding and curtains, my house was always the more realistic. Theirs was all plastic and the same, while mine was different and functional.

I would like to think that I never picked out certain styles of clothes, but chances are I picked it myself. Polka dots? Really? I don’t ever remember liking polka dots.
I look back and question what fads were going around at the time. My mom did make a lot of our clothes. Pretty sure I learned that hobby from her as well.

I guess I’ve always enjoyed taking pictures. Since when I can’t remember. Maybe at this time? Pretty sure that was my FIRST camera.
I don’t know if I ever had any pictures that turned out good or if this was just a toy that never had film in it.
My cousin had a trampoline. At the time it was the coolest thing ever. The feeling of being super heavy and not being able to jump after you got off though. That was super weird!

Here are a few more randoms.

Our first puppy (that I can remember) and some good old fashioned school pics. Yes, I had to have the crimped hair. I’m pretty sure that dates me……

My husband and I back when we were just “babies”. Awe, weren’t we just the cutest?

As I continue finding more pictures I’ll be sure to add them here. It was kinda neat to see these old pictures again. Hope you’ve enjoyed your stroll through my Memory Lane.