How to Start a Bullet Journal

Starting a Bullet Journal isn’t hard. At least it doesn’t have to be. Sometimes it’s good to go back to the basics.

 You don’t need to have a fancy-shmancy journal like all those found on social media. If you are artistic and would like to spice up your journal then by all means. But a lot of people started with just a blank book and a pen or pencil.

The use of the bullet journal is so wide. From keeping track of daily tasks to marking down your mental health and everything in between. It’s a book that can change with you. And if you don’t setup more than a month at a time you can get a feel for it and change or add/take away stuff for the next month.

I personally love the Mood Trackers the best. That’s usually where my idea for a theme starts and then I expand from there trying to keep the feel of the rest of the month cohesive to the one theme.

Now there are lots of ways to decorate your journal. You can hand draw everything (be it in pencil, pen, markers or paint) or you can decorate it with pre-made stickers and washi tapes. Combine the two to get something really unique.

But that being said you don’t have to make it artistic at all. If you just want to write down all your tasks (to dos) and check them off then that’s what your Bullet Journal can be. It can be as simplistic as you want it to be.

And remember that when creating your own by no means do you have to share to the world you’re spreads unless you want to. Also don’t compare yourself to the others out there. Just do you. Created whatever you want. Someone out there might think it’s amazing even though you don’t. (I do this ALL the time)

So enjoy the journey of the Bullet Journal. If you want to share your spreads with me tag me on Instagram for a chance to get a shout-out in my next YouTube Video. Love you all and keep creating!