Bracelet Pictures

Here are all of my completed friendship bracelets. I started off with the more easy type patterns, then quickly fell in love with sooo many new patterns. I will list each bracelets pattern number under each picture just in case you want to check it out for yourself. Most of my patterns came from  (I will refer to them as BB) but there are a few that are from (mosty the Kumihimos and I’ll refer to them as FB).

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My first 3 Bracelets
Normal Pattern Bracelets
Alpha Bracelets
Shaped Bracelets

These are the first 3 I made after more than 20 years!

I made these 3 as my first bracelets after more than 20 years away from the craft.

The first one was from memory as is a simple spiral – otherwise known as the Chinese Staircase. It consists of just foreward knots.

Also from memory is this super simple chevron. I believe you can use BB pattern #2.

After that I discovered that there are actually a TON of patterns. So I had to find myself one to try. This one is BB pattern #78307.

Normal Pattern Bracelets

Let me warn you. Once you start you can’t stop! I ended up signing up to Bracelet Book just to be able to add bracelet patterns to my “to dos”. Also you can add your own pictures and rate patterns and even add friends! Let me tell you it’s my current new LOVE for sure.
Also after you sign up you can go in and tweak pattern colors and even create your very own patterns with their super good interactive pattern creator.
If you’d like to add me as a friend my name there is AmzgAndrea. Let’s be friends!
These are the “Normal” patterns where you usually knot with every color string in the bracelet. The other popular style is knows as an Alpha Bracelet.

My 4th bracelet has a much longer design (Less repetition). This one is BB pattern #82384.

This one is usually referred to as an arrowhead. I made this one for my dad. I chose these colors since he used to be in the Army. It’s BB pattern #80756.

This one reminds me of plaid. I was venturing into bracelets that were a bit wider. BB pattern #77324.

Since I made my dad one it only made sense to make my mom one too. This one is BB pattern #84069.

I made one and instantly fell in love with it – so naturally I had to make a few! It’s BB pattern #59751.

This one is actually made from the cheaper thread and I find the knots are just a tad bit larger than the DMC thread knots. BB pattern #84337.

Mermaid pattern. I made this one for my friend that lives all the way across the world in the UK. It’s BB pattern #37612.

Also for a friend (who also loves mermaids) I made my very first 36 string bracelet (the widest one I’ve made so far)  BB pattern #37611.

This one was actually a challenge bracelet on BB. I have to say it is one of my top 5 favorite designs. BB pattern #87405.

This one really gives me beachy vibes. BB pattern #84076.

This one looks like chain links. It is also one of my top 5 favorites. BB pattern #86543.

I chose 3 random colors for this one. The green I used is verigated. BB pattern #88649.

This one’s got some Greek wave vibes. BB pattern #87049.

A cancer ribbon bracelet with variegated red thread. I also made a matching Kumihimo. BB pattern #1619 and FB K77.

Another Greek type sprial one. BB pattern #90063.

A rainbow dovetail – aka a mini mermaid pattern. BB pattern #54025.

I had to try my hand at this half/half design that looks like a rainbow on one side and black & white stripes on the other. BB pattern #9147.

I used super saturated colors for this one and gave it as a gift to my mother-in-law. BB pattern #42800.

This one I made with a pink border and the cancer ribbon on the inside is made of a sparkly irridescent DMC thread. It’s BB pattern #1619.

This is the first pattern I ever created and it is #1 in my top 5 favorites. It’s BB pattern #90853.

I love these 3 colors together. The purple is actually from the Loops & Threads neon string pack. BB pattern #11433.

I went with a 2 color gradient. I had my Instagram friends choose this color combination. BB pattern #61532

Alpha Bracelets

Creating Alpha Pattern Bracelets

This is the second most popular style of friendship bracelets. It’s where you knot different colors of leading strings over any color of base strings since you won’t see them until the ties at the beginning and ends. This style is based off of pixel art, where one knot is the same as a pixel. I can’t wait to master this style because the possibilites are truley endless!

The pattern was for the llama and I added the speach bubble heart – cuz why not? BB pattern #77353.

This super cute coffee cup was my second ever alpha pattern. BB pattern #84214.

This one is definitely beginner friendly. BB pattern #90936.

Who doesn’t love Winnie-the-Pooh? BB pattern #40055.

Shaped Bracelets

Creating Shaped Bracelets

Sometimes you want to switch up your bracelet style with something a little more….unique. Let’s talk about shaped bracelets. You can create these with specific patterns or create your own just by combining two or more threads along the outside (or inside). You can create these cool rounded looking shapes when combining the outside strings together, or you can do the opposite and combine inside strings together creating this keyhole shape. I think the keyhole shapes would be perfect for adding beads to even further personalize your bracelets.

My very first shaped bracelet. I used a verigated thread for the blue/green. BB pattern #65743.