Bracelet Closures

Friendship Bracelet Closures and How to Use Them

Bracelet ties come in various styles. While the most common is just a braided type and all you have to do is tie a knot between both ends, there are other options.

Some closures are more size friendly – making them perfect for many wrist sizes. Others are more fitted to a certain size, but have the ability to be easier to put on by yourself.

These highly depend on personal preference and what you like.


Closure Types

The most common kind of ties just require a regular couple of knots between the two ends. The best part about this kind of tie is that it’s completely adjustable to any wrist size. 

The next most popular is a loop beginning and 2 ties at the end (sometimes it’s just one tie). To tie this you feed an end through the loop then tie with the second with a regular knot. This is also size friendly.

This one makes it easier to put the bracelet on yourself. It has a loop for the beginning and the end is just a bunch of square knots over all the leftover strings until it’s the length you need, then just tie 2 regular knots one on top of the other. This will help bulk up the knot size. Then you just push it through the loop. This one is not size friendly.

The buckle closure I discovered from another YouTuber (Megan Morris). It’s created by making 2 loops, one at the beginning and one at the end, then also with square knots and a double knot at the end. Then you feed the knot through the beginning loop (towards your wrist) and loop back to feed through the end loop (away from wrist). Only downside is it’s not size friendly.

The button closure is currently my favorite. The beginning is still a loop and the end I tied a button into the leftover strings and secured it with square knots. This one is definitely the easiest to put on yourself. This one also isn’t size friendly but as long as you know the size you need it’s perfect.