Unicorn Nail Design

A little rainbow magic to your nails.

Materials & Supplies

Nail polishes in:
– White – Finger Paints – Paper Mache
– Purple – China Glaze – That’s Shore Bright
– Pink – Chine Glaze – Shocking Pink (Neon)
– Yellow – Chine Glaze – Celtic Sun (Neon)
– Green – Chine Glaze – In the Lime Light (Neon)
– Blue – Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear – Blue Me Away!
– Gold – Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear – Golden-I
– Holographic sparkles – Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear – Strobe Light
– Clear top coat – Seche Vite – Dry Fast
– Scotch tape, painters tape, pen & scissors
– Permanent Marker – Faber Castell PITT artist pen size S
– Toothpick, Q-tip, makeup sponge & nail polish remover


I’ve loved unicorns since I can remember. Even had that fuzzy velvet poster on my wall. So I decided to add a little Unicorn rainbow magic to my nails.

This one’s very material heavy but feel free to substitute any colors you like. I chose the neon ones because they are brighter.

Starting with the white, give your nails a basecoat. You might need to go over this twice if your white is too thin. Let this dry completely. I can’t emphasize this enough. It needs to be completely dry before you can safely put tape on your nails. Trust me on this, I had to redo my basecoat and wait all over again because I was impatient.

Using the piece of painters tape draw an outline of your unicorn. You could go as realistic or as cartoony as you like. Also draw a few curved lines that will become the border for your rainbow.

Go ahead and cut those out and set them aside.

Cut your makeup sponge in half. Save the smaller wedge for later. We will use this for the rainbow.


I dabbed the 5 colors in a circle pattern. It kind of resembled a multi-colored flower. At the beginning I needed to do this three times to give it enough brightness. The sponge soaked up so much polish that it barely transferred any paint.

I decided to use strips of scotch tape around my fingers so cleanup would be easier afterwards. You could use some liquid latex as well. I just used what I had. Then you want to carefully roll the sponge from one side to the other. Go back and forth a couple time so you get that nice blended affect with all the colors.

You might have to go over this twice as well. Just make sure to match up your colors so they don’t end up reversed the second time.

Then go ahead and peel off the tape and clean up a little with a Q-tip dipped in nail polish remover. The tape does a decent enough job but it’s not perfect.

I chose to put the unicorn on my ring finger on one hand and thumb on the other. But placement is totally up to you. Tape off your finger like before and attach the unicorn sticker in the center. Apply paint to the sponge like before.
I decided to alternate the rainbow pattern and turn it upside down. That way each nail would be different. Then remove the tape to reveal your beautiful Unicorn.
Finish the next two nails with the sponge, alternating your rainbow for each one

I also chose to put the rainbow on my thumb on one hand and on my ring finger on my other hand. Stick down your tape curves and leave a space between them for your rainbow. This could be as thick or as thin as you would like. 

Apply small stripes of paint to the leftover small wedge of makeup sponge. I went with pink, yellow, blue and purple. Because pink and yellow make orange, and yellow and blue make green. I could have left out the purple because my space for the rainbow was not wide enough to even show the purple. But you learn as you go right?

Also add a border on your rainbow.
I wanted all the rainbow parts to be sparkly, so I applied my holographic polish to all of these parts.

Don’t forget to seal in the design with a clear topcoat. Not only will it last longer but it will keep your black marker from coming off. Trust me.

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